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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Stat Tracking Servers
 2. Enabling your personal stats tracking
 3. Locating your Stats ID
 4. Information about how the stats work
 5. What are the 'official' Unreal Tournament 2004 gametypes?
 6. How does ranking work?
 7. Scoring - Individual player points awarded?
 8. Team Scores?
 9. Glossary - Terms and abbreviations.
10. Enabling Stats on a Server

Stat Tracking Servers

UT2004stats only does stats tracking for servers that have stats tracking turned on.  You can only join such a server if you have 'Track Stats' turned on in the Settings|Network menu.
Servers without stats tracking are marked in the server browser.  Playing on these servers will not track your stats, no matter if you have 'Track Stats' turned on or not.

Enabling your personal stats tracking

To turn on world-wide personal stats tracking, go to your Settings menu under Network and turn on 'Track Stats'.  Next, pick a unique Stats Username and Stats Password. From then on you will have a unique PlayerID - a UT2004 Stats player handle - that lets you look up your stats on this site.
Only the games you play in servers with stats tracking enabled will show up on the global UT2004 Stats pages.
Note: Be sure to remember the username and password you entered!  If you lose this information you will not be able to continue tracking stats on your existing ID.  Do not email us asking for your stats name and password as we have no means of identifying who they actually belong to.

Locating your Stats ID

Your stats ID is not the same as the "unique ID" that shows in your UT2004 network configuration.  To find your stats go to the Players list on the stats page and enter your player name (or part of it) in the name search field.  Your player name is the name you have configured in the Player settings of UT2004, not your stats name.  Your player name on the stats site is always set to the name used in the most recent match you played that was logged.  Once you have found your player ID you can always find yourself with this number instead of by name.

Note: You will not appear in the stats until you have played in a match on a server that has stat tracking enabled.

Information about how the stats work

A server with stat tracking enabled will send information to the stats server about the game - each frag, score, etc.  Once the game is completed the match is processed and posted on the stats pages.  The best way to look up a recent match you played is either by your stats ID or the server ID.  You can search for your user ID or the server ID by name.  The user names used on the stats pages are based on the last player name you used in a match - your stats user name you entered in the networking settings is not displayed.

Bots are not logged, nor are any kills against them.
Matches with less than two player connects are not logged.

There are three time periods stats and ranking are tracked by:
week - the past 7 days
month - the past 30 days
total - total from all stats logged

What are the 'official' Unreal Tournament 2004 gametypes?

Out of the box Unreal Tournament 2004 features the gametypes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Bombing Run, Assault, Onsalught, and Double Domination.  Bonus pack add-ons include Mutant, Invasion, and Last Man Standing.
There are separate rankings for each of the official game types plust "Other" for any third party game types.

How does ranking work?

Ranking is based on ELO Chess ranking.
Everyone starts with the lower rank limit 0. Points are based on how often you trigger positive personal score events, e.g. kills, captures, assists, etc. Against your score are deaths, suicides, teamkills, opposing team scores, etc.
The lower the rank of the other player or team is, against whom you score, the less points you will get, so the ripping of weak opponents will get you less rank points, than beating a stronger (in rank) opponent.

Scoring - Individual player points award:

These depend on the game type you are playing. There are individual player scores awarded for special achievements, such as captures, assists, etc. See the Score tables on the Players or Matches subpages to find out how many points are actually awarded for each score type.

Team Scores?

Aside from the individual player scoring in team based gametypes (TDM, CTF, BR, AS, ONS, DD), there are also Team Scores, that are awarded to your team as a whole, for fulfilling a gametype specific objective:

  • Team Deathmatch - killing a player from the other team.
  • Capture the Flag - capturing the flag.
  • Bombing Run - either throwing the ball through the goal, or jumping through the goal holding the ball.
  • Assault - achieving the final objective.
  • Onslaught - destroying the enemy core.
  • Double Domination - 'holding' both domination points for more than 10 seconds.
Note: A team based game is won by the Team Score; the individual player score sums do not matter!



Picking up adrenaline pills, or receiving them for special accomplishments, such as capturing the flag, will add to your accumulated adrenaline amount.  Once you have collected 100 adrenaline points, you can activate a movement-key combo.  The combo will give you temporary special powers.


Common abbreviations in UT2004stats.
- K = Kills, S = Suicides, F = Frags, D = Deaths
- E = Events, TK = Team Kills, TD = Team Deaths
- DM = Deathmatch, TDM = Team Deathmatch, CTF = Capture the Flag,
- DD = Double Domination, BR = Bombing Run
- FPH = Frags per Hour, SPH = Score per Hour
- [d] = Time in days, [h] = Time in hours,
- [m],[min] = Time in minutes, [s],[sec] = Time in seconds


Number of times a player gets killed by another player.
- This does not include environment induced deaths, like trap doors. These and self kills are counted separately, as suicides.
- Team based deaths are counted as team deaths.
- In tables with weapon specific information, deaths are the number of times a player died holding that weapon.


Special move in Unreal Tournament 2004, that can be activated by tapping any movement key twice.  Used by many good players to improve their maneuverability.


A ratio that denotes the player's kill skill by comparing it with his overall performance.  A perfect efficiency is equal to 1 (100%), anything less than 0.5 (50%) is below average.
Formula: Kills / (Kills + Deaths + Suicides [+Team Kills])


Anything not related to frags, deaths, suicides or kills is hereby defined as an event. Typical events would be a flag capture (score related) or a flag drop (not score related). Events are mostly used to track all the other things going on in a game, that are not frag-related.

First Blood

Special event awarded to the player who gets the first kill in a newly started match.


A player's frag count is equal to their kills minus suicides.  In team games team kills (not team suicides) are also subtracted from the player's kills.

Frags Per Hour

A ratio between the number of frags a player scores per one hour.  30 frags in 5 minutes will give you 360 FPH.
Formula: Frags / (Time played in hours)

Head Shot

A special event awarded to a player who kills with a precise shot to the head of the victim, causing instant death.  Only possible with the Lightning Gun and some third party add-on weapons.


Number of times a player kills another player.
Note: UT2004stats only tracks human vs. human kills. Bot kills and other bot related events are not tracked.

Multi Kills

Special event awarded to the player for killing other players in a certain time frame.  Every time a player scores a kill he has up to 3 seconds to make another kill.  So 2 kills in 3 seconds gets you a Double Kill, 3 kills within 3 seconds apart from another a Multi Kill and so on:
- Double Kill = 2 kills
- Multi Kill = 3 kills
- Mega Kill = 4 kills
- Ultra Kill = 5 kills
- Monster Kill = 6 kills
- ...


Measure of your connection quality.  Ping is the round trip delay in milliseconds that your computer has to the game server.  Low values are not important for a fun game, but it sure helps.

Killing Sprees

Special event: If you manage to kill 5 or more opponents without dying yourself, you will be on a killing spree. If you kill more than 10 opponents, you are on a rampage, etc.:
- Killing Spree! 5 kills
- Rampage! 10 kills
- Dominating! 15 kills
- Unstoppable! 20 kills
- God Like! 25 kills
- ...


Number of times a player dies due to action of their own cause. Suicides can be environment induced (drowning, getting crushed, falling) or weapon related (fatal splash damage from their own weapon).

Team Deaths

Number of times a player in a team based game is killed by someone on their own team.

Team Kills

Number of times a player in a team based game kills someone on their own team.
Note: Team kills subtract from a player's personal frags and thus the team frags as a whole.

Enabling Stats on a Server

Edit your UT2004.ini file and make sure the following are set:



If you are running the dedicated server and don't already have a CD key you can go here to register a key:

You should receive "cdkey.reg" and "cdkey" via email.  If you're running Windows just double-click cdkey.reg from Windows Explorer.  This will overwrite any CD key already in the system and is not usable with the client version (i.e. you will not be able to play UT from this system).  If you're running Linux, copy "cdkey" to your UT2004/System directory.

Include "?GameStats=True" on your ucc startup line, such as:
ucc server DM-Antalus?game=XGame.xDeathMatch?GameStats=True?MinPlayers=0

You can set MinPlayers to a value above 0 to enable bots.  Bots will then log in if needed to ensure there are always at least this number of players in the game.

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